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Medusa Lamp Family

Product Design

In fusion of paper and plexiglass, MEDUSA lamp has been born...

It is an extraordinary meeting of these two totally different materials. The paper which has a historical route through the centuries, meeting plexiglass which  has been developed in the 20th century.  The creatures of deepness were inspiring me at this project. Luminescece and grace...

Mainly jellyfishes were effecting me during the design process. They amazed me with their nature and timeless beauty.  The goal was to give back their lightness and the main characters in this design

I have chosen paper, to keep the product ecological and sustainable. I was looking for the solution, how the paper can bend and curve, and pop up from 2D, and become an interesting 3D shape.

The lamp includes 12 shader blades which are made of papers, 2 custom shaped plexiglass plates and also 12 pieces of silicon threads to adjust the angles of the blades. The shader blades are disposable, the color and the texture could be customized for each user. I have kept everything as simple as I could, including the concept of the packaging as well. The base of the packaging is also paper. I have chosen cardboard and industrial wrapping paper.

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